Ferguson Riots


Created By: Tevin Abney, Derrick Davis, Nate Hill, Kiara Morrell


The shooting of Michael brown was another case of an officer killing an unarmed African American; the shootings made top headlines and caught the attention of a lot of people around the United States.  The people of Ferguson lost faith in the justice system because the police officer Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted for killing Michael Brown, and when the announcement was made that he wouldn’t be getting indicted, the whole city went into an uproar. Some say the city was like a battlefield; people where running and chanting and getting in disputes with the Ferguson police.  Even though the event was bad it still had some positive effects because the people of Ferguson came together to fight for the justice of their loved one. That night of the non-indictment some people say they found the faith instilled in them as a people to stand up and fight. Jacqui Germain, the writer of the article, said he remembered how the people held up in impressive ways and he knew that they have a lot of work to do and they have plenty of room to grow. It’s as true for bedridden loved ones as it is for our justice system. There’s a difference between believing the system is broken, and believing the system itself is a mechanism of injustice. Germain says he lost faith in the American justice system; that it ever had the intention to operate with any amount of equity, or that it even had the capacity to rectify its past harm.




How is racism so deeply inserted in our environment? Two out of ten African Americans and Hispanics felt unfairly treated by the police over the past 30 days. This is virtually the same finding from the early 2000s where Black Americans felt equally vulnerable to police misconduct. The poll also showed that 8 in 10 blacks and 2 in 3 Hispanics agree that the criminal justice system shows more favor to those of a Caucasian background. Even 5 in 10 Caucasians acknowledged there is a racial imbalance in our system. Black males are viewed by law enforcement as “older and less innocent” than their white counterparts. This leads to circumstances where officers may excuse the behavior of a white teenager as a youthful indiscretion while treating a black or brown youth as an adult criminal.




The rioting in Ferguson has not begun to cease and on the anniversary of one of Ferguson’s young victims, the rioting took another major uproar. The events prior to the rioting were simple- maybe a misdemeanor here or unjust racial profiling, but either way it goes the killings were unfair and uncalled for. The killers, which were law enforcement officers and many, have not been indicted of any crime, which is what has the rioters in such a huge flame. Some say that it is racism in a legal form; and this may be true, but I am here to say that these events are not only affecting the normal society, it is affecting the educational community as well. Many of the young Ferguson victims were students; therefore it roughly affects the educational community. Since the Ferguson events, there have been shooting outs inside of educational institutions, where many inspiring students have lost their lives due to reckless violence. In other accounts there have been bomb threats to institutions. A few days ago, there was even a bomb threat to Edward Waters College. But for many of these incidents that take place, no killer is ever indicted. They most often plead insanity and get off smoothly with a small charge. But when will there be justice for the lost lives of the young students, if there be any? When will students be able to walk into their institution and not have worry that they are in risk of being killed? When?




















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Life through Pool

Billiard Balls

Pool is more then a game to me simply because you can benefit and learn life lessons from it. I been playing pool on in off threw out my teenage years and by me playing pool i learned that it teaches you to focus . Because to play pool you have to focus on the ball that you’re hitting to get it to go into the pocket . Another life lesson i learned from playing pool is to stay humble because in pool you never really know what is going to happen just like life, everything can look like its in your favor to lose but yet some how you can still find a way to win. I also learned that if you stick to doing something for a long period of time and make some effort towards it and don’t give up eventually you’ll become good at it or overcome it wherever it is.When i first started playing pool i couldn’t  even hold the stick the correct way,let alone hit a ball in the pocket but now i feel like i’m better than the average person at it. A few ways you can benefit from playing pool over a  period  of time is that  it improves your hand eye coordination and sharpens your mind. The way it improves your hand eye coordination is because over a period of time you will be able to see how to hit the ball at the correct angle to get it to go in the pocket. And the way it sharpens the mind is that playing Pool requires performing mental mathematical and calculations also basic geometry and physics that will get better over time.

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